DCmd (Data Center metadata) is a complete metadata inventory and reporting system that I have been working on developing for the past year with my position as a Graduate Assistant for the ITS department of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  It is currently only available for use by credentialed members of the ITS department, but we are looking at releasing it as an open-source project on GitHub soon.  The major features of DCmd are:

  • Developed using the Grails framework and utilizing many plugins to enhance usability,
  • Spreadsheet-oriented interface using the jqGrid widget, augmented with many features like cell editing, search/sort, frozen columns, etc.,
  • Fully search-able and add-able select boxes using the Select2 widget,
  • Integration with LDAP to retrieve staff information, and
  • Role-based access control using CAS as well as the Grails security plugin.

I recently made a brief presentation to the ITS developer community about leveraging the jqGrid widget used by DCmd.  The slides are available Here.

We continue to develop new features for the DCmd project and hope to release it to the open source community shortly!

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